FSC forest certification

There's only one Earth.

FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) was founded in 1993 which is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Through the strict supervision of tracking wood from the forest to the consumer throughout the process, and thus effectively control the source of wood products legalization in order to achieve the goal of guarding forest.

There's only one Earth. Species from birth to death all happen on Earth. We are connecting to each other, helping each other to survive; therefore, life on earth would continue and multiply forever. Without a doubt, the concept of caring for earth is growing; For example, recently, the world's leading companies have joined the ranks of protecting the earth's resources, cherish the resources and cherish the earth, thus the concept of environmental protection and using green products in people's daily lives are more and more popular. This is the commitment to our earth; also, this is why people require using conscience commodities gradually. Wooden products for example, due to FSC™ certification are both credible and Influential; world's leading companies have gradually required suppliers to use FSC-certified wood products. With a grateful heart, HO-I Paper Trade thanks for rich resources supplying of earth, we have been guarding our planet via joining the ranks of FSC certification in 2010. We are now providing variety FSC™ certified paper to our partners.

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