Enterprise Humanities


Through nearly half a century, HO-I Paper Trade has consistently upheld the concept of" sincerity, mindfulness, trustworthiness, practical ", therefore, we've became one of the largest paper distributors within Taipei area up to present. We retain the traditional concept, which is insisting on good faith, during our day-to-day operation. We demand ourselves with both highly standard of self-improving and overcome every challenge in order to provide the highest quality products and services to satisfy every customer demand. Besides, we believe the key to running business sustainability is to make contribution to the society continuously, and that's how we exercise till now.

Reap good if sow good

Action is valid key to feedback. Our Chairman Mr. Chen Jinfa personally offers assistance to underprivileged minority and participates in disaster relief around the whole world. This selfless leadership style deeply affects all our colleagues and that is why we believe relationship between our partners is not only beneficial but also trustworthy. Working with HO-I Paper Trade, you get not only satisfaction but also dependable companionship.

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